• Hattie Easton

Zero Waste Bathroom Routine

Plastic is everywhere, and no where so apparent as in the bathroom. From shampoo and conditioner bottles, right the way through to toothbrushes and hand soap, plastic is everywhere. Plastic is even in some exfoliators in the form of micro plastic that gets washed straight down the drain!

I decided that I wanted to eliminate as much plastic, and other waste, from my bathroom routine as possible, so here are some simple swaps that I did:

Toothbrushes: plastic toothbrushes take over 400 years to decompose. Not only do they take 400 years to decompose, but if they aren’t properly disposed of, they can end up in our oceans and ecosystems and can harm wildlife. Bamboo toothbrushes can decompose, you can even put them in your own compost, so they never even reach landfill! Not only this, but they are a lot more beneficial as they are made out of natural ingredients that contain properties that can kill bacteria on your toothbrush.

Soap: liquid soap comes in a plastic bottle, with a plastic pump attached. Not only does liquid soap come in lots of plastic, but it is also more water than soap anyway! Solid bars of soap are a lot better value for money, and they don’t come in excess packaging. You can even easily make your own solid soap for yourself or as gifts to others!

Shampoo: whenever I used to use liquid shampoo, I always ended up using more than I should, as half of it went down the drain before it even reached my hair! With a solid shampoo bar, you don’t waste any shampoo at all. Shampoo bars are super easy to use. They take up less space in your bathroom compared to all the large bottles of shampoo, yet last just as long! They generally have more natural ingredients in than liquid shampoo too, so better for your hair overall.

Conditioner: similar to solid shampoo bars, you can also get solid conditioner bars! This eliminates yet another plastic bottle from your bathroom and frees up more space! These bars aren’t as easy to use as the shampoo bars, but they are worth it if you persevere. The bonus of using solid bars instead of liquid means that if you go on holiday you won’t have any liquids weighing you down or taking up room in your bag!

Exfoliator: exfoliator also comes in plastic tubs or plastic bottles, and I struggled for a while to find one that didn’t. In the end I went to Lush and got one from there. It’s a little bit more expensive than ones I have bought in the past, but all the ingredients are fresh, organic, and vegan, so I thought it was worth it. This exfoliator comes in a black plastic pot, but Lush has a return scheme that closes the circle. If you take back five of the black pots you get a free facemask, and the satisfaction of knowing the plastic tub you used will be 100% recycled into a new Lush container!

Razor: razors are a product that you might not think much about, but razors are usually made of a lot of plastic and are very difficult to recycle. I recently bought myself a razor that is made out of metal and bamboo. This razor is not only plastic free, but if the bamboo handle starts to show signs of wear and tear, you can replace them, and compost the handle you had before!

Going plastic free and waste free in the bathroom isn’t too difficult. The worst thing is that products are a little bit more expensive that what you might normally buy. However, all the new products last just as long, and are better for the environment, and usually yourself too. This cost I feel outweighs the cost of putting more plastic into the environment.

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