• Hattie Easton

The Lizard and Kynance Cove: 27/1/19

Kynance Cove, Cornwall 27/1/19

I have loved the coast for as long as I can remember, from cliff top walks, to building sand castles on the beach. I love the salt spray in my hair and the feeling of sand between my toes. I get so much from the beach, calmness, relaxation, energy, and peace, so I like to give back whenever and however I can by removing things that don’t belong on the beaches, and by leaving things that need to be there, such as shells.

I am so lucky that while studying at Falmouth University there are many beaches just a ten-minute walk from where I live, as well as lots of other beaches a short drive away. Every time I visit a beach, I make sure to take an empty bag with me so that I can do a beach clean, get rid of any litter that could endanger wildlife.

This weekend I went to The Lizard, the most southernly point of the UK, and to Kynance Cove. Both beaches are on the south coast and are very rocky rather than sandy. It had been very windy and stormy this past week so there was a lot of debris that needed clearing that I could see before I even got onto either beach. I took with me a couple of empty bags and set out to remove as much of the litter as I could.

On the beach at The Lizard there was lots of seaweed covering the rocks and trapping lots of litter. I found lots of black rubber in long strips, made of the same material tyres are made of. I also found lots of hard clear plastic in quite big pieces, as well as five plastic bottles.

Over at Kynance Cove there was even more litter to remove. A lot of the litter I found here was mostly from the fishing industry, lots of rope and fishing net. Some of this was in small pieces, other bits however were rather large. There was a large piece of yellow plastic wedged between two rocks that I couldn’t manage to get out which was disappointing, but I must keep it in perspective and think about how much litter I did manage to remove.

Whilst at Kynance Cove, I found some fishing rope with a few Goose Barnacles attached to it. It’s sad to see wildlife growing and living off litter. Goose Barnacles are not native to the UK so this piece of rope must have travelled quite far before coming to a rest in Kynance Cove.

I managed to fill about two bags at The Lizard, and around three bags at Kynance Cove, full of marine debris, most of which was either plastic or fishing equipment. I always feel better when I have done a beach clean, knowing that I have made a difference, even if it is only small.

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