• Hattie Easton

The Great Outdoors

When I am stressed or feeling anxious, or if I just want to clear my head, I always step outside and go for a walk. I find going for a walk, whether it’s ten minutes to the shops, or three hours in the countryside, makes me feel better. I think being outside of the house and feeling the fresh air on my face recharges me somehow. It can give me energy and make me feel productive, or it can freshen me up and make me feel calm and relaxed.

Living in Falmouth and being so close to the beach is one of the best things about going to university in Cornwall. Whenever I want some fresh air, or even peace and quiet, I can wander down to the beach. If I don’t fancy getting sand in my shoes, I walk around Pendennis Point instead, admiring the views.

If I don’t fancy going on a walk when I get to the beach, there are many benches that overlook the ocean that I can sit at and read a book or eat a picnic. You don’t have to do anything once you are outside if you don’t want to. Just getting that fresh air and stretching your legs will make you feel better and more relaxed.

The coastal path from Gyllyngvase to Maenporth is a really nice walk to do if you have more time and energy. It takes around two hours or so to walk there and back and is roughly four or five miles in distance. The views are incredible, and there is a café at either beach for something to look forward to when you’re walking!

Being outside makes me feel free and happy. Its helps to clear my head and makes me feel productive. It wakes me up if I’m feeling tired and lethargic, and also helps me to relax. I am very grateful that I live where I do, and that I can get to a beach within ten minutes. Make the most out of what is on your doorstep and get outside!

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