• Hattie Easton

Plastic Free Periods

Reusable Pads and a Mooncup

For the past year or so I have been wanting to live as plastic free and as waste free as possible. I wanted to do this as I disagree with the consumerism culture of greed and waste. I don’t like throwing things away or buying and using more than I need. One thing I noticed that has a huge throw away culture are periods.

A woman has a period on average every 28 days, and they last usually between 3-5 days at a time. This happens from around the age of 13 (although in some cases earlier) right up until they are around 50 years old. This equals to roughly 450 periods in a lifetime.

Each period uses on average 20 tampons per period, which equals roughly 9600 tampons in a life time. That’s 9600 individual pieces of single use plastic put into the environment, where it will last indefinitely. If they aren’t disposed of correctly, they can end up on our beaches and in our ecosystems causing potential threat to wildlife.

Concluding how much waste each period creates, I wanted to find something that could reduce this substantially, if not completely.

During my research I came across a number of different products that make managing a period reusable. Some of these products I hadn’t heard of before and had no idea that they even existed. The product that stood out most to me was the Mooncup, which is a menstrual cup that collects your blood for you to then pour away down the sink, or in the toilet/shower.

The Mooncup is a product that you use in a similar way to tampons, except instead of taking it out and disposing it, you take it out, empty it, rinse it, and put it back in again. Mooncups retail for around £20, and it is without a doubt the best £20 I have ever spent.

Mooncups make having a period so much easier, and cleaner, than when I was using tampons. They are better for your body as they don’t dry you out and cause irritation like tampons do, they can be kept in longer too, and they are safe to use overnight.

Not only are Mooncups better for your body, but they are better for the planet too. They are made of medical-grade silicone and are vegan friendly. They can last up to three years, and once you have bought a Mooncup, they have paid for themselves after 6 months, meaning that from then onwards you start saving money.

I would highly recommend a Mooncup to anyone who wants a product that is better for their body, and better for the planet.

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