• Hattie Easton

Living with House Plants

I am an avid lover of all plants, especially house plants. I feel they add something to a room: vibrancy, calmness, and a sense of nature or the outdoors. They add colour and charm to otherwise dull rooms and can add an element of tranquillity to more crowded rooms.

Not only to plants look good in a room, from the bathroom to the kitchen, but they are good for the human body too. Plants absorb carbon dioxide and release oxygen into the atmosphere. This happening in your house can create better quality air and also a fresher, cleaner environment.

Taking care of plants is an excellent hobby and can be quite therapeutic as well as satisfying. Having something other than yourself to care about can make you a better person overall. When you help a plant grow and thrive it is very fulfilling and rewarding, you have helped give life.

They may only be plants, but they really add something to a house, making it a home.

Some easy plants to grow in any home:

Cacti – Cacti are probably the easiest type of plant to look after as you barely need to do anything at all! These types of plants enjoy a moderately sunny area, and very little water. They only need watering around every two weeks or so, and even less in winter, just make sure they have pretty sandy soil! As cacti come in all different shapes and sizes you can get many to fill a windowsill or work top! You can also use different things to pot them in, such as mugs and other small pots, just make sure they get plenty of drainage!

Spider Plant – A spider plant is an excellent addition to a room, especially somewhere high up, like on the top of a wardrobe or shelf, as these plants grow tendrils that dangle down, allowing the plant to spread out. This can make a statement in a room, as well as adding vibrancy and colour to a hard to reach spot! Spider plants like a spot that isn’t in direct sunlight, and they like to be watered around once a week.

Monstera – Monstera is another easy plant to care for. Again, they like a spot that isn’t in direct sunlight, and they like to be watered around once a week. These plants can grow quite large, so will need repotting in a larger pot every time they get too big for their current home! They are very impressive plants with large leaves. It’s very exciting to see new leaves grow and unfurl, knowing you’re looking after the plant correctly, allowing it to flourish in your home!

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