• Hattie Easton

Eco-Friendly Cosmetic Products

During my journey of becoming more waste free in my purchases and routines, I found that my make up routine was the hardest to make eco-friendly, and I don’t even wear that much makeup! The products I tend to use are: moisturiser, mascara, pressed powder, and occasionally lipstick. Finding pressed powder that doesn’t come in plastic packaging was the hardest element of my beauty routine to find, followed by finding an eco-friendly mascara.

Here are the products that I now use instead of drugstore products that come in lots of plastic:

Mascara – Lush have recently brought out zero waste solid foundations and highlighters. When looking on their website I found out that Lush also makes a mascara. It isn’t plastic free, but it is zero waste as when you have finished it, you can return the plastic packaging to one of their stores where they recycle it for you. This helps close the gap and supports reusing and recycling packaging.

Moisturiser – again, I now get my moisturiser from Lush. Lush does a lot for the environment. They recycle all their packaging, make products without packaging, and also use a lot of vegan and sustainable ingredients. Their moisturisers come in black plastic tubs that can be recycled if you return them, or they come in solid bars without any packaging at all.

Pressed powder – finding pressed powder that doesn’t come in plastic was a real struggle, but I finally found a brand online that do just that. The product is affordable, and the company is based in the UK (Zao). The powder holder is made of bamboo, and the pressed powder comes in an aluminium dish. The powder is then put into the bamboo holder. When your powder runs out, you simply recycle the dish, and put in a new one, keeping the same bamboo holder creating less waste each time.

Hairstyling cream – this is another product from Lush that I use. It smells so fresh and nice, and leaves your hair feeling incredibly moisturised. It is suitable for all hair types and can be used on wet or dry hair. This is another product that is part of the recycling scheme, so when you have used 5 pots, you can take them back and get a facemask for free!

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